Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day

February 2017 - El Quelite Mexico

I posted our outing on Saturday to the town of El Quelite here. We went back on Tuesday, Valentine's Day for breakfast and were treated to a show.

First, more from the restaurant. I'll have a few more to show in Friday's recap post.

The tables are set up for a tour group to see a show and have lunch. No worries, we'll have ringside seats thanks to Bill.

The tour group were getting a walking tour so we kind of attached ourselves loosely to them. They were armed with a photographer, and a drone.

This is the dancing horse waiting.

Bill and John pointing at the house they helped built 😁 Click here to see our friend Carol's post about this day.

Performing for the tourists.

Entering the restaurant.

Bill and John place some chairs on the floor for a better view. Thanks, Carol for this priceless photo.

Oh, you mean the show????

Centuries ago they performed the Danza del Venado in full deerskin clothing with a bow and arrow. The deer is also representative of Mazatlan as Mazatlán is a Nahuatl word meaning "place of deer.

An eagle.

The horse does a final dance. The tour group is sitting on the balcony behind that railing.

What a treat and we didn't pay anything for the show.

Show's over and John is photobombing my photo.

Looking back towards the restaurant, the entrance is by the horse.