Monday, December 18, 2017

Tuesday Treasures

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September 2015 - Dublin Ireland

It is generally thought that the street known as Temple Bar got its name from the Temple family, whose progenitor Sir William Temple built a house and gardens there in the early 1600s. Temple had moved to Ireland in 1599 with the expeditionary force of the Earl of Essex, for whom he served as secretary. (He had previously been secretary of Sir Philip Sydney until the latter was killed in battle.) After Essex was beheaded for treason in 1601, Temple "retired into private life", but he was then solicited to become provost of Trinity College, serving from 1609 until his death in 1627 at age 72. William Temple's son John became the "Master of the Rolls in Ireland" and was the author of a famous pamphlet excoriating the native Irish population for an uprising in 1641. 

But I like this idea better.

Despite this grand lineage, however, the name of Temple Bar street seems to have been more directly borrowed from the storied Temple Bar district in London, where the main toll-gate into London was located dating back to medieval times.

London's Temple Bar is adjoined by Essex Street to the west and Fleet Street to the east, and streets of the same names occupy similar positions in relation to Dublin's Temple Bar. It seems almost certain therefore that Dublin's Temple Bar was named firstly in imitation of the historic Temple precinct in London. However, a secondary and equally plausible reason for using the name Temple Bar in Dublin would be a reference to one of the area's most prominent families, in a sort of pun or play on words. Or as it has been put more succinctly, Temple Bar 'does honour to London and the landlord in nicely-gauged proportions'.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Foto Tunes

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme. 

December 2017 - Toronto ON

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Monday Mural

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September 2015 - Dublin Ireland

Again in Temple Bar.

Blooms Hotel is in the heart of Temple Bar so it’s fitting that both the  James Earley mural (and hotel’s name) pay tribute to the protagonist of one of Ireland‘s most revered literary works – Leopold Bloom of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday

December 2017 - Toronto ON

Buddhas in our bedroom.


One Word Sunday

December 2017 - Toronto ON

Do you see it?
24 December:    White
31 December:     Multi-coloured
7 January:           Abstinence

So What Have You Been, Lately?

December 2017 - Toronto ON

Mulling over Wine

December 2017 - Toronto ON


We were invited to dinner with friends and I was asked to bring a gluten free appetizer.
So I made this avocado hummus, not a keeper even though I tried to get more flavour with hot sauce. It was just bland.

We had a good time catching up with our friends.

Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday

From The English Kitchen came this cinnamon spice applesauce bread which turned out well.
Dinner was ham and colcannon.

Monday Mural and Foto Tunes

We went for our flu shots and then we each went out separately for lunch with friends.
Dinner was leftovers.

Tuesday Treasures

We bundled up and headed out for the Christmas Market at City Hall. It was cold!

Lots of food trucks!

John photobombing.

You can't see them but there were fireplaces scattered among the chairs.


Mulled wine and cider.

We decided to order Indian using the delivery app Just Eat. We chose Bombay on the Lake based on its reviews. That was a mistake! It was the worst food ever, well next to our meal in Pecos Texas  followed by Nipigon ON. We ordered onion bhajis, one order of lamb curry, one order of chicken korma and two orders of rice, $72m so not only awful bur expensive as well. An all up can eat Indian buffet downtown is only about $14 a person. I loved that the Just Eat app sent me a survey to complete and the worst rating they had was abysmal!!


I convinced John to go to the Gardiner Museum with me to see the 12 Trees - Let There Be Light.
The neon-lit 42-foot white spruce on the Museum’s front plaza designed by Presenting Sponsor, Nordstrom, and donated by Ontario Wood and Forests Ontario.

The museum's description of the exhibit:

This year’s 12 Trees exhibition focuses on light as a potent symbol of hope that many cultures share. Curated by author and visual artist Douglas Coupland and Vice President of Public Art Management Ben Mills, this year’s exhibition brings a contemporary, light-filled perspective to the 12 Trees tradition.

Among other delights, this year’s light-inspired art installations include a disco-ball Christmas tree, a manually-powered holiday tree light show, an animated winter dreamscape, a “tree” comprised of illuminated blocks, and more.


And here was a delightful table at the museum.

Since we enjoyed our Mulled wine last night we decided to make some when we got home.

Thursday Doors

Today was our first extreme cold alert and the Christmas Market was closed.
I braved the elements, not really, I get off the shuttle and go underground for all my shopping needs.

I decided I should buy new heavy duty winter boots. Mine were seven years old and really difficult to get on and off. I also wanted mittens/gloves that had a flip so I could use my phone/camera without taking them on and off as I had done yesterday at the market.
I also got two new pairs of leggings.

Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections

We ran a couple of errands downtown and I bought two sweaters, big sales on.

Once home, it was all cooking and cleaning as we had family coming to dinner.
I made a chicken vindaloo from this recipe. I couldn't find the red Thai chilles and the red chili peppers I bought didn't have any kick to them. I also made a chocolate cheesecake.


Started Cold Earth but couldn't get into it.

On the other hand I couldn't put this down, a good pulpy read and terrifying as well Behind Closed Doors. Suffice it to say I will never look at George Clooney again without thinking of this book.

I started A Great Reckoning.

Friday Photo Journal

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Friday Finds

Starts with  X

The first will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second and third will be different each time.
Hosted by Friday Finds and this is V4 or round 4!!!

Eh to Zed

For this round of the alphabet I am going to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday by showcasing towns across the county.
We'll be criss-crossing across the country, from the Atlantic coast of the Maritime provinces of Nova Scota, New Brunswick and PEI to Ontario then to Alberta back to Ontario and into Quebec and then way out west to the Pacific coast in British Columbia. We also stop in Manitoba, Saskatchewan. We covered 9 of the 10 provinces.

Starts with X

Okay so we all know that the letter X is the hardest so this is my best idea to continue the Canadian theme.

Antigonish NS Home of St. Francis Xavier University

Hand crafted beer.

I've taken this plant inside for the winter and so far it seems to be doing fine.

inSPIREd Sunday

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August 2017 - Prescott ON
On January 1, 1790, inhabitants of Augusta and Elizabethtown townships agreed to build a church here in the "burying yard" of the proposed town of "New Oswegatchie". Subscriptions were inadequate and nothing was built by 1804 when Barbara Heck, the founder of Methodism in Upper Canada, was buried here. In 1809, Anglicans of Augusta and Elizabethtown built a frame chapel, later called the "Blue Church", which served the parish until St. James, Maitland, was opened in 1826. The "Blue Church", unconsecrated, rarely used for services and in bad repair, was partially burned and taken down in 1840. The present small blue church was built in 1845.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Weekend Reflections

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December 2017 - Toronto ON

Reflection in Saks Fifth Avenue window display celebrating the 80th anniversary of Disney's Snow White.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tuesday Treasures

Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme. 

Bogata Columbia - November 1988

Last week I posted Cartagena Columbia, while on that trip we took an overnight tour to Bogata.

We were told this was the black market for currency exchange.

The Bolivar Square (Plaza de Bolivar) was named after Simon Bolivar who was one of South America’s greatest generals. His victories over the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. He is called El Liberator (The Liberator) and the “George Washington of South America.”

To the East side of the square, you will find the Primary Cathedral of Bogotá, the seat of the Archbishop of Bogotá.

 Armed guards in front of the Presidential Palace.

Lunch - serving typical Colombian food and it is still around today.