Monday, February 20, 2017

Tuesday Treasures

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January 2017 - Van Horn TX



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January 2017 Las Vegas NV

Shop at the Venetian

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Monday Mural

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February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico

As we wandered the Malecon we found these on the side of a school. I am guessing painted by the students to exemplify some life meaning lessons including pride in country.

Foto Tunes

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January 2017 - Florida

Driving from Orlando to Panama City Beach.

Mazatlan Meanderings

February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico

We just love wandering around town with no particular destination in mind. We boarded the bus, 10 pesos, and headed to the market.
You flag down a green or white bus marked Sabalo Centro whether heading into or out of town.
The bus was packed, very unusual.
We climbed over the guy standing on the back exit with his parcels.

A quick wander about the market. We'll come back later for some vegetables.

Our bus - ad for the restaurant in El Quelite that we went to last week. Funny thing is, the owner looks exactly like his photo on here.

Hot sauce?

Literally half a cow.

Carnaval decorations.

Across the street to check out some fabric at Parisina, can you see John's eyes glazing over?!?
On the other corner is the mouth watering Panama bakery.
Be careful crossing the street, don't ever assume a car, bike will ever stop for you!

Oh, look a wedding at the church, Basilica de la Immaculata Concepcion!
More eye-rolling, but he says, go ahead, knock yourself out, I'll wait.

Releasing the "doves".

Look at the style!

Check out those shoes!

Father and son getting a shoe shine in the Town Hall Square. There are many shoe shine stalls surrounding the 1909 bandstand. This is where everyone gets their shoes and leather goods repaired, fast, efficient and inexpensive.


So John is not totally immune, he snaps this photo as they drive away.

Into the Town Hall Square, Plaza Republica, across from the church. This was the original town market. If you go inside you will see lovely murals depicting the history. How odd, I just looked through my posts and couldn't find one with the murals!

Nowhere in mind, we stroll. Out of the plaza we turn right.

Very cool, wonder who owns it?

A gallery/bar. Amazing pieces in here.

Now that is huge!

Back outside that gallery.

Back into Plazuela Machado. The architecture in the Centro Historico is a history lesson of the Spanish, German, French and British influences.

A stop for gelato. Interesting flavours, tomato cheesecake, bacon and almonds, but we opted for sweet pumpkin and caramel and pralines.

Across the street is a gallery we are familiar with from previous years and we have even bought some items. I have my eye on a few things...will be back for March ArtWalk.
This lovely fountain is rotating.

It looks like a mural, but it isn't.

Must have been at El Shrimp Bucket, still waiting for her drink.

What a cool grill!

The restrooms.

Guess she had her nails done at Tippy Toes.

This mural was on the walls of the private section of the gallery but John managed some shots.

These gorgeous pieces were going from $500 US and up.

Back outside I took a couple of shots because I thought I had taken a crooked photo only to realize that the house was crooked. 

Random street shot.

A cross.

WOW how have we never seen this house????

Another huge home across the street.

Peeking inside a closed restaurant/bar.

We're now back at Olas Atlas (high waves) or the Malecon.

Street closure for construction.

The roundabout with the seal of Mazatlan.

We'll turn back towards the Centro Historico.

We check out the menu at Angelina's, sounds like a good place for lunch.

The restaurant has a plaque commemorating Pablo Neruda.

One of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, when he was consul of Chile in Mexico between 1940 and 1943, he visited Mazatlán and added his observations in the poem Puertos de América in his extensive General Canto: Mazatlán, Port of night, I hear the waves that beat your poverty and your constellations, the throb of your passionate orfeones, your sleepwalking heart that sings under the red nets of the moon. The port that Neruda describes was involved in the regional guerrilla between gilded and agraristas that would culminate with the death of the governor during a carnival dance. At that time Mazatlán only had a hotel facing the sea and a boardwalk that reached the Paseo Claussen.

Angelina's looks very inviting.

We'll start our walk back to the market to get our vegetables and then the bus.

John, being sarcastic, it's only an old wall.If you buy a "fixer-upper" you must retain the historical heatures.

What a cacophony of wires! it's a wonder anything works.

Outside Macaw's a favourite hang-out for the "gringos".

More fun murals.

Crazy flattened tree.

The cathedral peeking above.

We end our walk at the market. Candy stall.